ConComCow – Connecting Communities in Coworking recognizes the fundamental changes that are shaking up our society, and which can even threaten our very existence. The way out is counterintuitive. In short, we need to forget about the things. We need to stop obsessing over “smart” objects, and start thinking smart about people. We work in networks of economic sharing and environmental stewardship at the forefront of policymaking and glocal governance. We connect humans, develop different skills and search for new policies.

Networks allow us to achieve some of the benefits of scale with few of the downsides, and to craft more comprehensive approaches to social problems than we can manage as single organizations. They provide the ability to link local approaches to national and international efforts, or to create “value chains” across dissimilar organizations that complement one another’s work.The technological and societal changes of the 21st Century will present new risks and opportunities. For example, technology can extend our powers, senses and even humanity, yet it also can parasite on us. We experience that we work in a brave new world, with new dynamics and a lot more promise for change.

We’re all on a learning curve in here and we think that our society should become even more connected, not only through large social networks, wireless technology and massive amounts of data but above all, by connecting humans. Artists, designers, philosophers, lawyers, psychologists and social workers must be just as involved as engineers and internet users in shaping our collective future and digital society. It could become an internet, not of smart things, but of wise, empowered people.